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Travel Hacks are tips, tricks and precausions I picked up while traveling over the years that can help to better prepare other travelers on their upcoming and/or current adventures.

10 items to NEVER travel without

When you're going on a trip, there are the obvious items that you never want to leave home without. You'll take your backpack, camera, sunglasses, passport, etc. but this list is intended to provide...

6 Ways to Get Free Accommodation Abroad

I spent a month in India back in 2012 and inevitably found myself at the New Dehli Train Station. I had stayed in a cheap guesthouse, about a 2-minute walk from the station the...

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Robbed Abroad

Don't panic! This isn't meant to scare you but rather prepare you (see what I did there) for the fact that happy go lucky travelers are often made targets if they're not prepared. In many...

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