Heyo! I’m Cameron, the “Nomad” behind Michigan Nomad. I designed Michigan Nomad to be a one-stop, all-encompassing Michigan Travel Blog for those looking for Michigan based adventure, tips, ideas or are simply super bored at work and looking to kill some time… I’ve got ya covered!


Growing up in Michigan, my friends and I were always planning adventures. We had annual camping, tubing, and canoeing trips on the Ausable and Rifle Rivers. During undergrad at Western Michigan University, we cut out after class (sometimes before or during) and took trips to South Haven, a beach town on the shores of Lake Michigan. We would head up north to Harbor Springs and go skiing at Nub’s Nob or to Gaylord for snowmobiling adventures and through all of this, I never realized how awesome Michigan is. My need for adventure eventually took me overseas, on a backpacking trip with friends, then studying abroad in Australia, Peace Corps in Mongolia, an internship in Indonesia and before I knew it, I had traveled to over 50 countries on 5 continents and had been gone from Michigan for over a decade.

One day, however, I woke up and thought, I need to go back home – I need to begin building a life for myself, a retirement, maybe a family, etc.

I flew back home, found a job that I don’t particularly like (unless you are a coworker or boss and are reading this – at which point, I really love this job), moved into a cube and began living a “normal” life. The first 6 months were hell, but I told myself it would pass and to some extent it has, but as of writing this, it’s 3 years later and I’m realizing I need something more, something to look forward to. Enter Michigan Nomad! But first…


Well, I was born and raised in the beautiful State of Michigan, I have moved around a lot but I always come back. There is so much to explore and discover in Michigan so I decided to see everything and anything I can, as well as document it to provide ideas to others who would like to explore the Mitten State. The Nomad part has actually become a bit cliche and overused in the blogging world. However, let me take a moment to explain why I earned the title. I purchased this domain name in 2014 when it was less overused knowing that I’d eventually make something of it I just wasn’t sure when or what, so it stayed dormant. The second part is that I lived in Mongolia for over 2 years, which experiences extreme temperature fluctuations from over 100°F in the summer to -40° in the winter.

During my first year, I lived through what is locally known as a “dzud”, which is an extremely harsh winter that results in a large loss of livestock.

Afterward, I worked with a lot of nomadic herders to help diversify their businesses with farming to prevent a total loss of their livelihood in the future. Mongolia is also one of the last nomadic cultures on Earth, so I thought Michigan Nomad was fitting.

Back to the birth of Michigan Nomad! All last winter (and probably the one before) I sat around and complained about how Michigan winters sucked but this year I decided to change my attitude. This, in turn, changed my perspective and I’ve embraced winter this year and it has been a blast. I’ve gone winter camping, dog sledding, ice cave exploring, frozen waterfall gazing, winter beer festival drinking, and I’ve been blogging about all of it! The winter has actually blown by and I was shocked when it began looking like Spring. In Michigan, Spring means short-sleeved shirts and windows down when it hits 40 degrees. Now that winter is coming to a close, part of me is disappointed because I have a lot more winter exploring to do but the other part is excited about the warmth and the adventures that come along with it. When this summer does hit, look out because I’ll be camping, hiking, swimming, festival loitering and exploring all that is Michigan.

So come follow me on my adventures

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