WELCOME to Michigan Nomad! I’m super stoked you’re here because that either means you have a real interest in Michigan or you just really butchered the spelling of Minnesota. Let’s hope it’s the first one! Whether you’re originally from Michigan, just visiting Michigan or were uprooted from your native state and transplanted here, I believe you will find this site useful!

If you are interested in festivals, music, hiking, camping, swimming, beer, wine, food and epic adventuring in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place.

A Little About Me
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My name is Cameron and I was born and raised right here in Michigan. However, after undergrad I lived, worked, volunteered and traveled abroad for over a decade off and on but eventually found myself right back here in my native state with a grown-up job. The transition from global travel, countless new adventures and regularly meeting new people to being holed up in a cube 40 hours per week was a difficult transition that left me feeling generally unhappy.

Sadly, this carried on for a couple years until I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to do something about it. I thought, “I live in an AMAZING state, there is no reason I cannot be seeing and doing everything Michigan has to offer.” After my late onset epiphany, I began planning adventures and documenting my experiences and shortly after, Michigan Nomad was officially launched. It is my hope that planning and documenting my Michigan based adventures here on Michigan Nomad will inspire others to get out there and begin adventuring as well! Life is too short to be stuck in a cube 40 hours per week with nothing to look forward to. So get out there and plan some adventures…better yet, let me plan them for you!

Below you will discover some of my posts, check them out and see if anything peaks your interest. I am also ALWAYS looking for my next adventure so if there is a place you are curious about, drop me a line and who knows, maybe I’ll go check it out and report back?

St. Joe, Michigan Winter Beer Fest
Visiting Kitch-itikipi, The Big Spring
Mackinaw vs Mackinac…WTF?

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